Course Summary

At any one time, one in six people of working age experience symptoms associated with mental ill health.*

Line managers, given their position in an organisation, are best placed to spot the signs of poor mental health in the workplace. If equipped with the right skill set and knowledge, line managers can support employees and shape a work environment that is conducive to positive mental health and wellbeing. They can spot and manage issues effectively before they reach crisis point. Yet many line managers say they lack support and training, and 30% of employees recently revealed they wouldn’t talk about mental health with their line manager.**

Attend this interactive course to hear invaluable, practical guidance for line managers. Take steps to build an open-door culture where employees feel confident to discuss their mental health. Spot early signs and symptoms of mental health decline in the workplace.

Build your confidence to help you respond to employees who are experiencing mental ill health. Take part in interactive scenarios to improve your listening skills. Our expert trainer will help you to approach difficult conversations around mental health. How do you deal with the grey areas as a line manager, for example issues without a medical diagnosis? Gain insight into your legal responsibilities for wellbeing.

Understand where your responsibilities end, and support services begin. How should you react in a crisis, or when faced with severe mental illness? Understand the role of occupational health and HR. Hear real-life case studies focused on supporting an employee’s return to work and embedding reasonable adjustments.

Remote and hybrid working brings new challenges for managers and leaders. This training will equip you with the practical skills to spot and support remote staff who experience poor mental health.

You will explore practical strategies to look after your own mental health when managing others. Understand the importance of role modelling a healthy work/life balance.