Course Summary

Customers in vulnerable circumstances will be more exposed and at risk of accruing debt during the current cost-of-living crisis. Other risk factors include poor physical or mental health, cognitive impairment, life courses, and low resilience or capability. Vulnerable customers often require special and tailored responses to ensure good customer service outcomes, and their circumstances can rapidly change.

Organisations must do more to identify and protect vulnerable customers and to ensure they are treated fairly. By training staff to understand, recognise and respond to vulnerability, organisations will be in a better position to prevent customers from further harm.

Build trusting, cooperative relationships with customers. Ensure you are acting in compliance with current legislation such as the Equalities Act and avoid potential reputational and financial damage.

Also, it’s the right thing to do!

This interactive course provides practical guidance for recognising vulnerability and supporting customers. Challenge your thinking and assumptions around vulnerability. Take away tried and tested tools and techniques to ensure vulnerable customers feel supported by your organisation. Equip staff with the skills they need to handle complex situations and navigate difficult conversations with empathy and compassion.